head shotIt’s in my blood.  I believe teaching was determined every bit as much as my eye or hair color.  I am the 5th generation on my mother’s side of the family to become a teacher.  It is a family joke that it is in our blood.  But, there is some truth to that statement.  It boils down to a passion for children.  I have work in various classrooms, both my own and my children’s for the last 15 years.  I have my masters degree and am a reading specialist currently living in Allentown, Pennsylvania and working at a middle school in Whitehall Pennsylvania.  I have never had even an ounce of regret in becoming a teacher and do not know what I would do if I hadn’t become an educator.  I am committed to helping not only my students, but educators think about reading and how we approach it.  Our world is changing so fast and reading education must evolve with it, or we are not truly preparing students for a future that we cannot even imagine.  It is a tough battle, but I am out there in the trenches like so many others, fighting for our students and their education.  Please feel free to read, comment, and work through this ever evolving world of education together.