jessethereader on Youtube

I am always looking for new and innovative ways to get kids involved in books.  As I was putting together a professional development presentation, I stumbled upon this amazing channel.  It is jessethereader (Jesse the reader). If you would like to get a little peek into what this young man does, here is a link for you. Check out a video here.  

Basically, his channel is all things books for young adult readers.  He is energetic and very honest. I really like how he discussed the stories and the writing style of the authors.  The reviews in these videos are blunt and Jesse tells what he likes and doesn’t like about each of the books. In addition to his refreshingly honest opinions, he also keeps the language very clean which makes his videos easy to share in the classroom.   

Basically, he is all things books!  He currently has around 260,000 subscribers, so he is resonating with many throughout the online world.  If you are looking to get some book recommendations or sharing some with you middle or high school students, this is a great youtuber to check out!  You can also follow him on twitter at @jessethereader.  Enjoy! 

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